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Ric Washburn

My name is Ric Washburn and I create custom-made wood furniture for people of all sizes. I am based in Appleton, Maine, but I make furniture for people all across New England. Most furniture stores sell tables, benches, mirrors and desks at one size only. However, I know that when it comes to comfortable furniture, one size definitely does not fit all. As a practiced wood artist, I have the means to create high-quality furniture for you at a size that is purpose-built to fit you and your unique needs.

The ergonomics of sitting at a desk of the wrong size for an extended period of time can be very damaging to your joints and overall physical health. If you are seated in a chair, and your thighs should rest on the seat of the chair to help support your weight, your feet should rest comfortably on the floor. No one should have to experience physical discomfort while sitting at their own table because of a chair or surface that is placed too high or too low.

No one should have to shop for furniture knowing that they will have to settle for a table that might be nice, but would not accommodate their height. Everyone should regard their home and their furnishings as a place of comfort. Your furniture should always fit your statural needs, which is why I think it is very important to have it custom fitted to your body. My custom wood furniture is meant to accommodate all body types – large and small.

To learn more about having a customized wood table, bench, desk or chair made for you and your unique needs, give me a call today at 207-975-9704.















Photography of Desk by Chris Pinchbeck.