C R Washburn Fine Woodworking

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Artist Statement

Leaves Echo Lake

My passion is working with wood to create functional works of art that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the rest of the body. I might be a bit reactionary, but I find that the cold institutionalism of the modernist movement does not result in furniture that makes me want to use it. I believe the modern concept of "one size fits all" and the demand for standardization have been allowed so much influence in the design process that furniture today is now something to be endured rather than enjoyed.

Working with wood allows me to explore the way we interact with objects in our daily lives - how their shapes - and the orientation of those shapes - affect our perceptions of them. The straight lines and square corners that are so prevalent in our constructed environment create a regimented constrained feeling that confines us. We are so isolated from nature that we are no longer comfortable with the non-linear. By exploring the interaction of curves with other curves and straight lines, and by orienting those lines in unexpected directions, I strive to break the confining nature of our mass produced culture. My desire is to create objects that both surprise and delight the senses.