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By His Wounds Into The Sunset

By His Wounds

16" diameter

Pyrography on basswood

I did this piece after watching Mel Gibson's "The Passion". The imagery of the movie was so powerful, I just had to try and capture that feeling.

I entered it in several carving shows and received several awards for it including First Place, Best of Division, and Second Best of Show. It now resides in Komsomolsk na-Amure, Russia.



Into the Sunset

8" x 10"

Pyrography on spruce plywood

I've always enjoyed sunset pictures. I like the play of light and dark, and I wondered if it was possible to capture that same feeling with pyrography. Different woods will "burn" a slightly different color, so by finding the right wood and picking a finish that enhances the color I found it is very possible to create the mysterious feeling of sunset.

I have entered this piece in carving shows and have received several First Place and Best of Division awards.