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In Remebrance of Elephants Front View In Remebrance of Elephants Front Detail
In Remebrance of Elephants Top Detail In Remebrance of Elephants Top View

In Remembrance of Elephants

53" x 20" x 30"

hard maple, curly sugar maple, walnut cluster burl veneer, MDF

I didn't have elephants in mind when I started designing this table, it just sort of evolved that way. When I started the design process, my goal was to take a Federal period design - the demi-lune table - and move it into the 21st century. That is, "What would a demi-lune table look like using the prominent design elements of today?" I floated the top, and used a more organic shape for the legs. I decided to go with the high contrast design element of recent years, so I choose to use walnut burl for the table top and maple for the edges. I selected maple for the apron to match the table top and, to pick up the popular figured wood design element, I chose curly maple for the legs.


Photography by Chris Pinchbeck.