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Who Am I

Chef Ric Evening Falls

I am Ric Washburn. Before starting my own woodworking business I spent 22 years fixing medical equipment – for 20 of those years I worked on x-ray equipment, specializing in mammography. Before that I was a draftsman. I worked on the fire detection and alarm systems for a nuclear power plant, rural telephone systems, and I worked for a surveying and engineering firm. I also spent several summers logging and running heavy equipment.

Now I live in Appleton, Maine on six wooded acres, with my wife Pearl and our 2 dogs, Simba and Babe. My shop is in a former horse barn that I have remodeled. To see my blog on this project, go to:

I enjoy reading, particularly historical fiction, adventure, and mysteries. Some of my favorite authors are Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, W. E. B. Griffen, Jack Higgens and Leslie Charterise. My favorite book of all is the Bible.

I also like to build models - mostly cars and trucks, but I have also built models of airplanes and ships. My wife got me a kit of an old sailing ship, so I will be trying my hand at wooden ship models as well.

Ric with Rifle Camp

As you can tell from some of the pictures on my website my wife and I like to do historical reenactments of pre 1840 American history. Now that we live on the east coast, we will be recreating an even earlier time period.

Although I am not that great at it, I also enjoy nature photography and every once in a while I get lucky and get a good picture. Sometimes the artist side of me gets carried away and the results are not worth keeping, but I must say it is always fun trying!